Feel like being “Grounded”?

For a few days now I have been reading a really interesting book, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!, by Clint Ober.

The premise of the book is that since the 2nd world war we have become disconnected from the earth by living in insulated environments and wearing non-conductive shoes pretty much all of our time.

As a result we are constantly charged with a few Volts of electricity which causes chronic inflammation. This in turn leads to many of the modern day health issues like arthritis, cancer, heart problems, etc. Those issues were almost non-existent before.

The book has immediately encouraged me to live more “grounded”. So I started going barefoot in the backyard grass for a few minutes in the morning. I will also get some grounding straps to use indoors. The same grounding straps used in the electronics industry for preventing static discharges.

ESD Anti-Static Wrist Strap Components

Until those arrive I have made myself a basic grounding strap with a copperwire which I connect to the ground of the electrical system in my house.

(Oct 10 Update: In the appendix of the book there is an explanation that ESD equipment such as the wrist straps above don’t achieve the same effect than grounding as explained in the book. The reason is that ESD devices have a 1 MOhm resistor which prevents electrons from flowing freely enought. I also found that the metal part of the strap which makes contact with the skin feels uncomfortable on the skin. Perhaps I will be able to use some of the parts to create my own grounding devices. So for now I will stick with my self-made copper device. Please read the book appendix. There is a recommendation to have a 100 KOhm resistor in the grounding devices for safety in case there is any kind of risk of touching a live wire while being grounded!)

Having read through about half of the book so far I am already convinced that this book is a major breakthrough for my health journey and that I will stick for the long term with being grounded (sounds funny, ha ha). I also plan to “ground” my wife when the equipment arrives.

As I will learn more about this and get my own experiences I will post more on this.

How did I find out about this book?

The book’s author was interviewed in one of my favourite podcasts, Inspire Nation by Michael Sandler.

Here is the link to the episode Get Grounded! Feel Better, Sleep Better & Get Less Stress:

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