Creative Calling

I read many books and would like to post about them. One really good book I started just a few weeks ago is Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis.

I bought the audible version and listen to it while walking. I find that this book is very easy to listen to so I can recommend the audible version highly.

The book will greatly help you if you

  • Feel stuck in your creative desires
  • Need that little extra motivation to make the first steps
  • Need advise that is actionable right here, right now
  • Need advise that will work in any creative calling, not just photography

I plan to relisten to this book because while it gives great actionable advise for creativity it also has a very motivating style.

As I continue to listen to the book I will update this post or add new posts on it. It definitely has a place on me Favorite Books page.

Author: Raymond

Someone who wants to explore a larger connected consciousness.

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