Return to Nature!

I am frequently amazed to find in older books (100+ years) the exact same concerns and issues than we are dealing with today. It is often possible to literally copy what was written back then and re-publish it. And no one would even suspect that an author from a long time ago wrote this.

One such book I am reading right now is Return to Nature! by Adolf Just. I am just into the introduction for now but it already seems to be an edifying read.

Adolf Just was German naturopath and the book is a translation into English from 1903. In the book he likes to quote a lot from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a well known German writer, whose writings are even much older, going back 200 years ago. Goethe lived from 1749 – 1832.

In the introduction Just quotes this from Goethe:

Man in his misguidance has powerfully interfered with nature. He has devastated the forests, and thereby even changed the atmospheric conditions and the climate. Some species of plants and animals have become entirely extinct through man, although they were essential in the economy of Nature. Everywhere the purity of the air is affected by smoke and the like, and the rivers are defiled. These and other things are serious encroachments upon Nature, which men nowadays entirely overlook but which are of the greatest importance, and at once show their evil effect not only upon plants but upon animals as well, the latter not having the endurance and power of resistance of man.


And this from Goethe’s famous poem, Faust:

Thy sense is shut, thy heart ids dead:

Disciple, up! untiring, hasten

To bathe thy breast in morning-red!

Goethe, “Faust”

Goethe was also a close friend of Alexander von Humboldt, the famous nature explorer of his time.

This was written about 200 years ago! It makes me wonder what the state of nature was back then? Was it worse than today? I can imagine that to be the case in Germany where many of the cut down forests of that time have been regrown. I read somewhere that the Black Forest had been cut down up to 80% in Goethe’s time.

And what would our air be like if everyone still heated their houses with coal and wood stoves? With today’s population we may only have a few months to live in that scenario.

Thanks to electronic media these old works are again becoming available to everyone to read and ponder. Let’s hope humanity will soon find a permanent solution to this old problem. With the current technological advances it should be possible, but we have to really want it to happen too.

Runes and their Meaning (Part 1)

I live in a historical home in Switzerland and there is a pillar in the front with some symbols on it. I have not paid much attention to this, but the book Geomantie für Einsteiger (Geomancy for Beginners) by Cornelia Wriedt has awakened my curiosity. The signs may be runes from ancient traditions.

Lower Part
Upper Part

The wood in the attic was dated to have been cut in 1581, so the house is just over 400 years old. The region where I live in north-western Switzerland was historically Celtic, before the Roman Empire, then the Franks, then the Austrians, moved in. Nowadays it is part of the Swiss canton Argovia. Switzerland in general identifies itself closely with it’s Celtic origins. The Helvetic Republic is descended so to speak from the Celtic Helvetii tribe.

I will therefore first try to find the meaning of the runes in Celtic tradition. Other choices could be to check Germanic, Roman, or medieval traditions.


A brief excursion on Geomancy. It sounds like it may be some sort of sorcery and many may thus reject it right from the start. On Wikipedia it is described as divination from the earth. But Geomancy can also be seen in a manner with no link to divination.

For the purposes of this article and also my use of it in general, I will use the modern European teaching of Geomancy. The German Wikipedia article has a nice section on the modern use of Geomancy which is unfortunately missing in the English one. I take a note to possibly add a translation of it to the English entry. It could also be that modern Geomancy has progressed more in Europe than elsewhere. Internationally its oriental counterpart, Feng-Shui, is better known.

Here is an excerpt from the German Wikpedia Article on Geomancy and my translation of it. I would add to this that modern Geomancy is for me the practice of connecting the material world with the unseen energy realm. The energy realm is very real but we don’t have as yet any means to detect and measure it in a modern scientific manner. So it remains an esoteric field for the time being.

(copied from
(my Translation)

“Die heutige europäische Geomantie ist eine unwissenschaftliche esoterische Lehre, die sich selbst als „ganzheitliche“ Erfahrungswissenschaft versteht und versucht, die Identität eines Lebensraums, eines Orts oder einer Landschaft zu erfassen und diese durch Gestaltung, Kunst oder Raum- und Landschaftsplanung zu berücksichtigen und ihr individuellen Ausdruck zu verleihen.”
Today’s European Geomancy is a non-scientific esoteric teaching which sees itself as a holistic empiric science. It attempts to apprehend the identity of a living space, a town, or a landscape. Through room design, art, and landscaping it gives its subjects a peculiar individual expression.

Runes fit well into this modern interpretation. Through runes the object such as a house was given special protection for the well-being of its inhabitants. For our ancestors this was a way to create a harmonious living space.

The runes have little or no meaning for us if we dismiss them as mere superstitions. But if we take them more serious they can take on meaning depending on how we decide to interpret and interact with them.

Here are more detailed pictures from bottom to top. The last one must obviously mean the year 1622 and is not a rune. Perhaps the house was built in 1622 but I find that unlikely because the wood was cut 41 years earlier in 1581.

In the second part to come I will look at the individual signs and try to find their meanings.

Earthing and Sleep Observations

Previously I shared a post on Earthing which I have been doing consistently for a few weeks now. I would like to share some initial results on my sleep patterns.

  • I generally have been sleeping better. I wake up less between sleep cycles. Especially during the 2nd half of the night, which is 1-5 am for me, I have seen really good improvements.
  • The quality of my dreams has improved:
    • Immediately after dreaming I am in a more positive mood. I can only conclude that the actual dreams are just more positive.
    • I have had some dreaming episodes where I was at the same time consciously aware of being in a dream. This is really exciting because this is often mentioned in books on meditation as an advanced type of dreaming. After such “conscious dreaming” it is very easy to remember details of the dream for hours or even days after. I have never experienced this before.

To conclude, I cannot say for sure yet which and how much of an effect earthing has had on my sleep. Maybe I am also experiencing a placebo effect here. But something has changed which is worth sharing.

I will continue to earth myself at night of course and share future observations.

Powerpoints and Cosmic Engergy

One of the most esoteric and enjoyable books I am currently reading is Points of Cosmic Energy by Blanche Merz.

“A new science has been born without making much noise, without seeking to unleash superficial emotions and curiosities. This science is geobiology, which concentrates on the behavior and the health of the human being in relation to the precise spots where he lives.

Being sensitive to reality means knowing how to live in harmony with the universe, the earth, the animals, as well as becoming more conscious of one’s own personal environment.”

Chapter 1

In the past I may have categorized such a book into a corner of some spirituality, perhaps even occultist movement but with the recent discoveries I made about an alternative non-materialistic world view, supported by Quantum Science, this is now becoming a highly interesting and motivating reading for me.

There is in fact nothing occultic about the book. Blanche Merz is simply tapping into a reality for which we have simply not yet found quantitatively repeatable ways of measuring. Our scientific progress in the past 400 years has been almost exclusively based on Newtonian physics, the material universe we can observe every day with our 5 senses. And now humanity is discovering a completely New Science of the universe .

As is becoming increasingly and quickly evident, the observable material universe is only a tiny part of reality. There is a vast interconnected energy field of which the material universe is a manifested part.

As humans we each have the capability to connect and interact with this energy field and not only as observers but also as actors.

The book is out of print but a few used copies are for sale. I hope a new edition will be published in the near future as this new science is taking momentum in our day.

This post is only a brief introduction on the book for now. If I have awakened your curiosity on this non-materialistic science I recommend to listen to the recently launched Living the New Science podcast by Lynne McTaggart. Lynne explains what I introduce above really well.

Andelsbach in Binural Audio

I am beginning to experiment with taking audio recordings from my local environment. As opposed to video, audio doesn’t require visual attention. This gives audio its unique potentials very different from video.

For example, we can fully focus on our own visualization while listening to an audio recording. Or use it for sound healing and relaxation. And when we listen to an audio recording we can actually be present in the time and place where the recording was taken through the global consciousness field.

Here is an experimental 3D audio recording I made while walking next to a local stream a few days ago. Please listen to the recording with headphones to get the 3D effect.

I took the recording with the Hooke Verse, a portable and quite affordable 3D binaural recording device which works with a cell phone app.

You will notice that the water sounds comes mostly from the right side. This is because the stream was on my right side while I was recording and walking downstream. At some points in the recording the sound goes more balanced to both ears. That is because at those points I was turning my head to take a picture for example.

Andelsbach, Oct 13, 2019

Barefoot Bliss

Yesterday I was taking a small hike in a nearby forest when it started to rain hart. To keep the walk an enjoyable experience I decided to complete the hike barefoot. Walking in the rain has its own qualities but going barefoot makes it a blissful experience.

I thought of the following reasons why this is so:

Being in touch with water

Water is the substance of life on earth and we all have, one way or another, a deep relationship with water. The access to clean water is one of the greatest luxuries in life.

But when hiking with shoes, water quickly turns into a nuisance. In rainy weather mud or grass make the shoes quickly wet and dirty and the hike uncomfortable.

Going barefoot flips this to the opposite. The barefoot walker enjoys nothing more than to seeking out the wettest grass, the deepest puddles, the soft wet mud where the feet sink in. Going on moist moss where the water squeezes through the toes is just pure bliss.

This direct contact with the earth, enhanced through fresh rain water is only available to the barefoot walker.


Jacob Liberman, in his amazing book Luminous Life, defines presence as the eyes and the mind focused on the same thing.

I can guarantee that the eyes and mind will be focusing on the same thing during barefoot walking, namely the immediate ground ahead. The painful experience of walking on a small rock or any pointy object is not so much fun.

The result is that being barefoot is also being Present in the here and now which turns the barefoot walk also into a meditative experience.

being Grounded, Literally

Since very recently I have become a great fan of having a direct connection with the earth as a major health enhancer. In my previous post, Feel Like Being Grounded?, I explain more on my experience with Earthing.

Walking barefoot plus a wet ground is the best way to free up the electron flow from the earth into the body. The barefoot walk should be at least 30 minutes in order for the electrons to come up the middle of the body, 1 hour to get full immersion.

This is a relatively unknown discipline and I recommend to read Clint Ober’s book, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! or visit

Conclusion and Tips

The three reasons above and certainly many others which I have not discovered yet make barefoot walking an blissful experience with no downsides.

The following quick tips help me as well:

  • The feet get quickly used to the ground. The initial pain of walking on small gravel goes quickly away. It is not necessary to become a pro-barefoot walker before enjoyment can set in.
  • I recommend to carry hiking poles. When walking on challenging ground it is easy to become slightly unbalanced when stepping on something uncomfortable or slippery. The poles will be essential to prevent accidental slips or falls.

Creative Calling

I read many books and would like to post about them. One really good book I started just a few weeks ago is Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis.

I bought the audible version and listen to it while walking. I find that this book is very easy to listen to so I can recommend the audible version highly.

The book will greatly help you if you

  • Feel stuck in your creative desires
  • Need that little extra motivation to make the first steps
  • Need advise that is actionable right here, right now
  • Need advise that will work in any creative calling, not just photography

I plan to relisten to this book because while it gives great actionable advise for creativity it also has a very motivating style.

As I continue to listen to the book I will update this post or add new posts on it. It definitely has a place on me Favorite Books page.

Personal Qualities

I found the meditation Choosing Personal Qualities by Reuben Lowe this morning on Insight Timer particularly impactful.

In the meditation Reuben lists several personal qualities which come across masterfully with a feeling of flow. Being in the flow I responded to each in my heart and mind.

I also noticed that my response was different for each quality when seeing it projected toward others vs. toward myself.

So here are the qualities and my heartfelt flow state responses to it.

Personal Qualities Responses

QualityToward OthersToward or In Myself


I bookmarked this meditation to repeat it periodically. Striking is the difference between how I perceive the qualities toward others vs. toward myself. There is much insight to be gained in this meditation.

I wonder how my responses will be in a year from now.