Creative Calling

I read many books and would like to post about them. One really good book I started just a few weeks ago is Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis.

I bought the audible version and listen to it while walking. I find that this book is very easy to listen to so I can recommend the audible version highly.

The book will greatly help you if you

  • Feel stuck in your creative desires
  • Need that little extra motivation to make the first steps
  • Need advise that is actionable right here, right now
  • Need advise that will work in any creative calling, not just photography

I plan to relisten to this book because while it gives great actionable advise for creativity it also has a very motivating style.

As I continue to listen to the book I will update this post or add new posts on it. It definitely has a place on me Favorite Books page.

The Morning Pages

Sat, Oct 4, 2019

I am currently on a quest to recover my creative skills. This blog is part of it and really the reason for it.

One month ago I started writing the Morning Pages. I came across the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Apparently, this book is a classic with millons of copies sold. I am always amazed when I find a new book or information so popular and I had no clue it existed.

The first must do suggested in the book are the morning pages. This is now part of my morning routine. I will write a separate post on my complete morning routine.

What I can write so far about the morning pages and the exercises in chapter 1 is that:

  • The stream of consciousness writing frees up the mind for a clearer and more productive day.
  • Through the writing process the thoughts of the monkey mind are removed early in the day.
  • Writing down fears and worries in the morning pages has the opposite effect of what one may think. Instead of those thoughts subsequently staying in the mind all day, writing them down actually removes them from the mind.

This book can easily become one of the best books I have read. I can’t wait to get beyond chapter 2 and the many exercises.