Andelsbach in Binural Audio

I am beginning to experiment with taking audio recordings from my local environment. As opposed to video, audio doesn’t require visual attention. This gives audio its unique potentials very different from video.

For example, we can fully focus on our own visualization while listening to an audio recording. Or use it for sound healing and relaxation. And when we listen to an audio recording we can actually be present in the time and place where the recording was taken through the global consciousness field.

Here is an experimental 3D audio recording I made while walking next to a local stream a few days ago. Please listen to the recording with headphones to get the 3D effect.

I took the recording with the Hooke Verse, a portable and quite affordable 3D binaural recording device which works with a cell phone app.

You will notice that the water sounds comes mostly from the right side. This is because the stream was on my right side while I was recording and walking downstream. At some points in the recording the sound goes more balanced to both ears. That is because at those points I was turning my head to take a picture for example.

Andelsbach, Oct 13, 2019