Powerpoints and Cosmic Engergy

One of the most esoteric and enjoyable books I am currently reading is Points of Cosmic Energy by Blanche Merz.

“A new science has been born without making much noise, without seeking to unleash superficial emotions and curiosities. This science is geobiology, which concentrates on the behavior and the health of the human being in relation to the precise spots where he lives.

Being sensitive to reality means knowing how to live in harmony with the universe, the earth, the animals, as well as becoming more conscious of one’s own personal environment.”

Chapter 1

In the past I may have categorized such a book into a corner of some spirituality, perhaps even occultist movement but with the recent discoveries I made about an alternative non-materialistic world view, supported by Quantum Science, this is now becoming a highly interesting and motivating reading for me.

There is in fact nothing occultic about the book. Blanche Merz is simply tapping into a reality for which we have simply not yet found quantitatively repeatable ways of measuring. Our scientific progress in the past 400 years has been almost exclusively based on Newtonian physics, the material universe we can observe every day with our 5 senses. And now humanity is discovering a completely New Science of the universe .

As is becoming increasingly and quickly evident, the observable material universe is only a tiny part of reality. There is a vast interconnected energy field of which the material universe is a manifested part.

As humans we each have the capability to connect and interact with this energy field and not only as observers but also as actors.

The book is out of print but a few used copies are for sale. I hope a new edition will be published in the near future as this new science is taking momentum in our day.

This post is only a brief introduction on the book for now. If I have awakened your curiosity on this non-materialistic science I recommend to listen to the recently launched Living the New Science podcast by Lynne McTaggart. Lynne explains what I introduce above really well.