Earthing and Sleep Observations

Previously I shared a post on Earthing which I have been doing consistently for a few weeks now. I would like to share some initial results on my sleep patterns.

  • I generally have been sleeping better. I wake up less between sleep cycles. Especially during the 2nd half of the night, which is 1-5 am for me, I have seen really good improvements.
  • The quality of my dreams has improved:
    • Immediately after dreaming I am in a more positive mood. I can only conclude that the actual dreams are just more positive.
    • I have had some dreaming episodes where I was at the same time consciously aware of being in a dream. This is really exciting because this is often mentioned in books on meditation as an advanced type of dreaming. After such “conscious dreaming” it is very easy to remember details of the dream for hours or even days after. I have never experienced this before.

To conclude, I cannot say for sure yet which and how much of an effect earthing has had on my sleep. Maybe I am also experiencing a placebo effect here. But something has changed which is worth sharing.

I will continue to earth myself at night of course and share future observations.